original music by Josiah Pederson

theory of media, LLC is co-founded by Josiah Pederson and LaRae Stevens, two individuals who share a passion for the visual arts.  We each bring to the table a different set of skills that when combined, create a team that can take your story to the next level, and spread it around the world. Together we carry an excitement for changing and impacting the world through media communications:  Josiah through video, production, and music and LaRae through graphic & web design, and social media & digital marketing.

Josiah is passionate about using film to tell the stories of those around him.  A forward thinker, Josiah is constantly seeking to innovate, continually producing new and exciting content for his clients. LaRae focuses on social media & digital marketing to tell the story of organizations and businesses, skyrocketing their voice from simple posts to social capital.