About us

theory of media, LLC is co-founded by Josiah Pederson and LaRae Stevens, two individuals who share a passion for the visual arts.  We each bring to the table a different set of skills that when combined, create a team that can take your story to the next level, and spread it around the world.  Our individual backgrounds give you and your business/organization the greatest in cinematography, digital & social media marketing, brand & identity strategies, web & graphic design, musical composition, and top of the line post production services to create the best visual representation of you and your story.

Together we carry an excitement for changing and impacting the world through media communications: Josiah through video, production, and music and LaRae through graphic & web design, and social media & digital marketing.  By combining our skills into one company, you get an amazing product, and the best value for your business/organization.  When you join our team, we will work together to take your brand, your messaging, and your vision with the world in a way that only digital and video marking and media communications can do.

We are looking forward to talking with you soon, hearing your story, and working together to reach your marketing goals.

Josiah Pederson & LaRae Stevens

Josiah is the President & CEO of theory of media. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Communications from Wheaton College, and is the mastermind behind the video and production side of the business.

Josiah is passionate about using film to tell the stories of those around him.  Partnering with businesses and organizations in the Chicagoland and Northern Michigan regions, he has created and produced filmography and cinematography that has reached over a million people through digital & social media platforms and television broadcasts.  A forward thinker, Josiah is constantly seeking to innovate, continually producing new and exciting content for his clients.

Reading novels, physical fitness, music composition, and international travel are other hobbies that Josiah enjoys beyond the lens video production. Scoring a feature film and visiting all seven continents are two of the many goals he hopes to achieve over the next several decades.

LaRae is our Vice President and the administration end of theory of media

For the past six years, LaRae has been working for the Charlevoix Venetian Festival, helping them gain a social media presence by developing a digital marketing team of photographers and videographers to help tell the Festival’s story. 

When LaRae began working with the Venetian Festival, their social media reach was less than 1,000 people. Today, through hard work and dedication, the Venetian Festival has gained a reach of over 14 million, and continues to gain momentum with each passing year. In 2016, LaRae was able to use that social media capital to get the Festival’s fireworks show recognized by USA Today as one of the “Top 5 Fireworks Displays in North America,” with an image of fireworks rising from Round Lake Harbor during the Festival printed within the article.

Outside of the world of design and marketing, LaRae has a love for fitness, and holds a certificate in Personal Training & Nutritional Coaching. Once weighing over 500 pounds with a weight loss of over 200 (and counting), LaRae hopes her story and the obstacles she has been able to overcome will help influence others to reach their health and fitness goals.