Marketing Through Crisis :: Rearranging Your Schedule

Marketing Through Crisis :: Rearranging Your Schedule

How do you market through a crisis? Like this image of a park in the middle of the Las Vegas desert, there are many ways we can flourish in the midst of a dry season. In the wake of the CoVid-19 crisis, the language of social media & digital marketing has once again shifted. Questions become: how do we market in this time of crisis? How do we keep our businesses afloat in these times of uncertainty? Over the next few weeks we will talk about some of the things that you can do to help your company get through this crisis.

You may need to rearrange your posting schedule and pause some of the posts that you already had prepared. Look at the posts you have ready to go and ask yourself these questions upon review:

What needs to be your top priority?

What needs to be set aside for another day when things get back to “normal”?

Does this help me get closer to my customers, or drive us farther apart?

Are my posts sensitive to the crisis the world is experiencing right now?

You’ll probably find that the posts that will get you noticed the most will be those that are supporting your customers. For instance, if you own a restaurant, instead of offering pick up, you may market the offering that you are now delivering, or will meet your customers at their car when they come to pick up their food.

You may find yourself making different products than usual to help you and your customers get through this difficult time. Distilleries have begun creating hand sanitizers and car companies (like Ford & GM) have begun making ventilators. Is there a way that you can help your customers by providing essential needs that they may have during this time?

Make sure you don’t delete what you have already created, as you’ll be needing those (or at least parts of them) in the remainder of 2020 AQ (after quarantine) world. 😉

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