Staying Connected in the Midst of Isolation

Staying Connected in the Midst of Isolation

In the midst of isolation and social distancing, we are missing the main public health threat that we should be concerned about: loneliness. As a digital marketing company we spend hours helping others promote themselves on social media, but in the midst of what seems a lonely world, we also encourage face-to-face interactions. Isolation may seem like the right response in the midst of a pandemic, but we need to make sure that we continue to interact with others, cultivating a social wellbeing in the midst of protecting our physical wellbeing.

There are many ways that we as a society can be using technology in a healthy way: video chatting with friends, connecting in healthy groups on facebook (healthy meaning not focused on panic and pandemic talk), and intentional electronic communication. At theory of media we use video communication, telephone chats, and intentional email communication to stay connected in the midst of busy days.

Facebook Groups are being promoted in online ads as well as television commercials, as people are finding new ways to connect on an online platform. Find a group that you can connect with on Facebook. Being able to talk with like minded people can help keep your mind happy and healthy.

Direct Communication is something we have grown away from as a society. We are all about those likes and those comments, wanting to know how far and how wide our reach is, but not interested in really building a connection with our followers or the people/businesses/organizations that we follow. Take a minute to write an email or send a direct message to someone you know or would like to get to know. Sometimes one word of kindness, knowing someone is thinking of you, can change someones entire day around.

Facetime is a beautiful tool, along with Google Hangouts, Skype, and more. Take the time to chat with someone face-to-face, yet afar, and grab some intentional time with them. Though you are in two different places, it will help you to not feel isolated being able to see facial cues and nonverbal communication that you don’t always have the chance to see with a phone call.

What are your plans to keep your social wellbeing maximized?
How can we help you stay more connected with friends, families, clients, and customers?
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