the 4Es

the 4Es

For years marketing experts have shared that to get ahead in the world, you needed to market your product, price, place, and promotions.  It has been a standard in the traditional market to run with the 4Ps, but as we move into the digital age, experts are finding that the 4Ps are highly outdated and have been replaced with: Engagement • Experience • Exclusivity • Emotion.  Why the change?  People don’t just buy products anymore, they buy experiences and emotions instead.  Emotional branding is what will make your business and organization stand out from the crowd.

Here at theory of media, we believe that it is the story of the business and organization that makes the difference.  Our tag line is, “what’s your story?” because we believe that it is the story that connects you to the rest of the world.  We believe that imagery shapes the way that people react to your story, which is why we have such a large pull towards video, photography, and graphic design.  

What experience can your brand bring to an individual, a business, or an organization?  At theory, we bring you a more peaceful experience by having everything you need for digital and traditional marketing in one place.  For Disney World or Universal Studios, they have to ask the question: what experience can they bring that is different than Six Flags or Cedar Point?  

What does your business/organization exclusively bring to the table?  Very few companies have video, branding, photography, and graphic design all in one, but we do!  It makes telling your story easy and affordable.  For a shoe company like Nike, they have to determine what they bring to the table that is exclusively for their brand; something you can’t find with Adidas, Reebok, Keen, or Puma.

What emotion does your business/organization evoke?  It is happiness, excitement, joy?  Perhaps anger?  Patagonia or The North Face brings a sense of excitement and an opportunity to enjoy the out of doors.  We try to invoke the emotion of inspiration, allowing companies and organizations see that nothing is too much, nothing is impossible, and their story is worth sharing with the world.

What does your business/organization bring to the world?

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